EVO 4 - 9 DRENTH Dog Gearkits (1)

AMS Arnside Motorsport are pleased to be dealing DIRECT with DRENTH Motorsport gearboxes in the Neatherlands. We ONLY DEAL DIRECT  with the factory  and no other outlet so we can offer competitive prices on all of there transmission components.

The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-9 DRENTH Dogbox gearkit is a 5-speed replacement kit. It consists of high strength, straight cut gears, selector forks, gearbox input and output shafts,bearings & Crownwheel.

This kit will fit into the standard gearbox casing without modifications.

We can supply as a kit , built into a good used donor casing supplied by AMS or you can supply us with your casing & relevant parts and have it assembled by one of our experienced technicians.

Kits available from Stock at AMS in Homologated Group N Ratios  as listed below or with the option of  a non homologated final drive of 3.44  for race applications.

Homologated Group N Ratios

 1st 12 / 36  - 2nd  13 / 26 - 3rd 17 /25 - 4th 18 / 20 - 5th  28 / 24  -       FD13/56  

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