LSD kits Carnforth

LSD Kits Carnforth

If you are on this page, it is likely that you are interested in upgrading a rally car. You likely know the basics of rally car development. This involves stripping out non-essential parts to the vehicle, upgrading the mechanical parts, and strengthening the vehicle to resist wear and.
But have you considered using limited slip differential (LSD) kits? These can be a great aid in enhancing your vehicles’ handling on rough and uneven ground. But what are LSD kits, and why would you install one? The experts at Arnside Motorsport have great experience in providing the best service for LSD kits Carnforth has to offer.
What are the LSD kits Carnforth based Arnside Motorsport can fit in your vehicle?
Most vehicles have a differential on the axle that powers the car, or up to 3 differentials for 4x4 vehicles. The differential controls the power to the wheels. On most road vehicles, this is an open differential. This allows the power applied to the wheels to vary in order to achieve the same turning force on both sides of the car. In most circumstances, this is ideal as it delivers an even, smooth drive.
However, in circumstances where one wheel is on a slippery surface, such as wet mud or ice, this can be a problem. An open differential will allow the wheel with no grip to spin quickly, whilst the wheel on firm ground will not barely move.
An LSD kit will remove this problem. When one wheel loses grip, power will automatically be transferred to the wheel with grip, rather than going to the wheel that is spinning. This allows the car to continue applying controlled power to the wheels, even on poor surface conditions. For a rally car, this is invaluable as it means you will always have grip, even on wet or uneven ground. With LSD kits, Carnforth based Arnside Motorsport can upgrade the differential in your car for an enhanced driving experience.
Why should you buy the LSD Kits Carnforth based Arnside Motorsport can install in your car?
Not matter where you are based, for the best in LSD kits, Carnforth has your answer – Arnside Motorsports. With over 20 years of experience in the sport of rally cars, they know how to get the best out of your vehicle and help you to be the driver you want to be. You can see photographs of some of their customers in action on the website. No matter whether you compete in local club events or national and international events, they have the experience that counts. With a specialist, fully equipped workshop, they can fit your choice of LSD kits to enhance your driving capability. As well as offering the best choice in LSD kits Carnforth has to offer, they also offer other specialist rally services, such as race ready cars for sale and used and new rally car parts. Get in contact today – for the best LSD kits Carnforth has to offer and more, their help team is waiting to hear from you.