Body Shell Carnforth

Body Shell Carnforth

If you are new to rallying, you may be wondering what the importance is of the body shell. Carnforth based Arnside Motorsport offer the best service in providing a high quality body shell Carnforth has to offer. Whatever rally part you need, including a body shell, Carnforth has the best option for you.

What is special about the body shell?

A rally car is going to see a lot of wear and tear. Hammering down a rough road, over bumps and potholes, with hard braking and cornering, puts strain on a vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle needs to be strong enough to resist the bumping that it will undergo. After all, a rally vehicle is a big investment and you don’t want it to become easily damaged.

A rally car body shell also needs to be light weight. To allow you to have maximum control and high acceleration, all parts of the car must be as light as possible, including the body shell.

At the same time, you need your vehicle to look good. Rally car racing is a spectator sport, and many people will be there to watch you hurtle down the track and cheer you on, many with cameras in hand. You need your car to look impressive as you throw it into a high speed handbrake turn and accelerate away, leaving the crowds cheering. This is especially important if you intend to get sponsorship, as no company wants to be represented by a car that is poorly presented.

A rally car body shell combines all three of these needs. It should be a tough outer shell to the vehicle, which can withstand the wear and tear of racing, lightweight to give you maximum acceleration and look good to keep the crowds and sponsors happy.

Why are Arnside Motorsport the best choice for body shell Carnforth has to offer?

At Arnside Motors, you will find specialists with over 20 years of experience in rally motorsport. They are not only the best choice of suppliers for body shell Carnforth has to offer but the best option for any budding racer in Britain. Why not take advantage of their vast experience? You can see some of their past work in the gallery of just some of their customers in action.
By coming to the best specialists in body shell Carnforth has to offer, you can be confident in the quality of the finished product. After all, when you are on the track, you need to know that you are safe in a body shell which is up to the job.
Arnside Motors are not only the best choice in body shell Carnforth has to offer, but they also offer the full range of rally services. This includes having race ready cars for sale, or selling specialist rally car parts like parts for vapour blasting. Because they have a fully kitted workshop in Carnforth, they can offer a high quality of service, whether for a body shell or other job. Why not contact them today to see how they can provide just what you need?