35. In compliance with the new regulations, you agree that when registering for an account or placing a purchase through the Company, you are legally providing valid details of yourself and accept the agreement of your details to be stored in our secured servers. You, the customer, are also responsible for ensuring that all details are kept up-to-date at all times with the Company.

36. As per the compliances, we, the Company, will inform any customers of any potential data breaches within 72 working hours via their available contact method used when registering to the Company.

37. Whilst registering for an account or placing an order, and agreeing to the compliances of the new regulations, you also agree that the Company will be able to store your details indefinitely and may remove your details at any time without prior notice.

38. In addition to the compliances, all customers have the ability to notify the Company to have your details removed at any time, as long as there are no outstanding orders, credit or invoice notices, or any other requirements yet to be fulfilled by the Company. You, the customer, have the ability to notify the Company as long as you are able to provide valid details of account ownership, to get your details removed from the web system or accounting system. We, the Company, will aim to get this process completed within 30 working days of the legitimate request.

39. We, the Company, will only process & use your information when it is required, for any Credit or Invoicing requirements, or for any orders placed. If you request us for any pricing information, for example, shipping quotes and more, we will also use your data to process this too. By registering to the Company, you agree that the company has the ability to access your data for these requirements. We will also keep your details used to the bare minimum, including shipping / billing addresses (on request), E-Mail / Telephone Numbers, or any other details required to process your order.